About Me and My Songs

I was born in 1951 at a time when something new was about to burst onto a music scene that probably hadn't changed hugely from the twenties. With the emergence of Rock and Roll through Bill Haley, Eddie Cochrane, Elvis, Buddy Holly and others, I found myself growing up to new exciting sounds. The early sixties brought the folk revival that connected well with a folk scene that was ever present, it seemed in Ireland. Along with the Clancy's and Tommy Makem came the Dubliners and international greats like Joan Baez, Dylan and Donovan. Throw into the mix the British Pop scene, the groups, Beatles , Stones, Hollies and Kinks, the showband scene in Ireland and there was no way that me and my generation could not be affected by this revolution.

I'm often asked about  who  were my influences. One of those questions that I hadn't given a whole heap of thought to beforehand, however, having pondered a little it's safe to say that it was all the popular greats of the sixties and especially, in no particular order Lennon and McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan, Bob Dylan, the Dubliners and many troubadours of the Irish folk scene.

In the "My Songs" page you will find a selection of some of my songs. It is my intention to add to these continuously to show the scope of my compositions. My intention in creating this site is to make available to as wide an audience as possible my work. My hope is that singers both established and rising may find among my endevours some song that might suit their style.